About Us

With generous support from Laurance S. Rockefeller and the Samueli Foundation, Samueli Institute coordinated and sponsored leading researchers around the world to investigate consciousness, biophotonics, mind-body medicine, placebo, mindfulness meditation, and energy medicine. Over time, this research generated hundreds of peer-reviewed journal articles, dozens of book chapters and special supplements, and convened global thought leaders for impactful conferences on placebo, consciousness, bioenergy, resilience and more. The goal of BrainMindHealing.org is to expand the reach of this scholarly work through an easily accessible multi-media site.

About Samueli Institute

We follow the evidence.

Founded in 2001, the Institute is advancing the science of healing worldwide as a non-profit research organization supporting the scientific investigation of healing processes and their role in medicine and health care. Samueli Institute’s research domains include integrative medicine, optimal healing environments, the role of the mind in healing, behavioral medicine, health care policy, and military and veterans’ health care. Our mission is to create a flourishing society through the scientific exploration of wellness and whole-person healing.